Welcome to the 3rd Edition Talent Management Exchange

This Exchange will offer the opportunity for HR/Talent leaders to hear about disruptive technologies and solutions that measurably improve the integrated HR processes that are designed to attract, develop, motivate and retain productive and engaged employees that align with organizational goals and objectives. This event differs from traditional vendor or lecture-heavy events in that it also includes a primary focus on the transition from reactionary methods to innovative and proactive strategies. In addition to showcasing newer disruptive technologies to improve the recruitment and retention of an engaged workforce, the material and discussions at this Exchange will truly be tied to a value proposition for the organizations to keep their workforce satisfied and productive. 

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Meet the Speakers:

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Join an exclusive and intimate forum with 40+ Talent Management Executives to:


Get actionable insights from several case studies and talent management strategies across several industries that encompass the B2B and B2C landscape


Hear directly from heads of talent management about how they’re developing supportive leadership teams and innovative organizational cultures to recruit and retain the best available talent


Implement flexible and innovative workplace strategies into the business model to attract, motivate and retain millennials


Keep high performing talent with career development programs to prevent turnover and an endless cycle of talent acquisition


Reskill your HR team with cutting-edge training programs to better understand workforce demographics and global culture that drives business impact


Infuse HR analytics into your talent decision-making to inspire your workforce and improve critical talent decisions


Execute successful leadership, coaching and mentoring programs to energize your leaders for performance and maximize bottom-line results


Align your organization with an agile workforce by developing lean and agile business strategies to fill critical gaps and get the most out of non-traditional employment relationships

Invitation Only

  • Attendance exclusive to Senior Talent Management Executives from the largest, fastest growing, and most recognizable companies in the world.
  • Industry’s Leading Solution Providers
  • Inspiring Speakers and Thought Leaders

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Expand your knowledge

  • Select from visionary case studies, facilitates roundtables, in-depth MasterClasses and dialogue-driven BrainWeaves
  • Forge new relationships with Talent Management Executives of the highest credentials
  • Meet solution providers with the most cutting-edge technologies in the Ignite Challenge Presentations

Why Attend?

Unlike any Exhibition or Conference

  • Maximize your time out of the office by customizing your own itinerary
  • 5-Star resort venue
  • Dedicated Exchange Operations Manager
  • No exhibition booths – focused collaborative and one-on-one time with top tier executives
  • Network with multiple senior-level executives over 2 ½ days

The Exchange Format

New for September 2016

Interactive discussions led by talent leaders from multiple industry verticals will ensure that you will get the most value from the event and allow you to create an agenda that is tailored exclusively to your needs. You will hear how the workforce of today may be the most career-oriented that we’ve seen - and this is forcing a new level of transparency between employers and employees. VP and C-suite participants will be sharing their challenges and solutions in a “closed-door” setting to encourage an open dialogue about how to rethink and develop an effective talent infrastructure.

Highlights from the 2015 Talent Management Exchange

The 2016 Exchange is an in-depth focus on:

  • Changing Organizational Culture to Retain an Agile Workforce
  • Resilience, Wellness & Engagement
  • Disruptive HR Technologies
  • Holistic Approach to Talent Management
  • Driving Alignment, Talent & Culture
  • Improved Operational Capabilities for Talent Sourcing
  • Workforce Analytics/Data-Driven Approach to Managing Talent Flows
  • Workforce Trends and Top Priorities
  • Redefining the Value of HR
  • Networking & Social Engagement

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